Remote Patient Monitoring Eligibility Verification

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RPM Isn’t Just for Medicare Patients Anymore

An increasing number of commercial insurance carriers are covering remote patient monitoring, allowing practices to extend the clinical value of remote care to more patients than ever. And although coverage may differ, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With Optimize Health’s RPM Eligibility Verification service, we connect directly with your patients' insurance plans to determine their eligibility before you onboard them onto an RPM program, helping you to expand patient care access while reducing resubmissions, errors, and denials. Our service is HIPAA-compliant, securing your data and patient information.

Learn more about our RPM Eligibility Verification service and how we can help you accurately forecast your RPM program and potential payer mix.

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How It Works

1) Securely send patient data.
2) Receive results.
3) Accurately forecast your RPM program.

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