Chronic Care Management

Our remote care platform helps providers unlock the value of RPM and CCM together. Our platform centralizes patient data, reporting, and treatment goals and results in one solution.

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Better Together: RPM and CCM

CCM-Create personalized care plans


Create personalized care plans for RPM, CCM, and PCM in one place.

Personalize patient CCM care plans per condition with:

+ Goals

+ Barriers

+ Symptoms

+ Problems

+ Medications

+ Allergies

Care Plan Management

Automatic time tracking for CCM— no double counting

+ Easily enroll and treat patients across care programs

+ Share care plans with other providers and clinical teams

+ Text or call patients and their Friends, Family, and Caregivers right from the platform 

CCM-Care Plan Management


CCM-Advanced Task Management


Advanced Task Management

+ Consolidate all tasks per patient in one place

+ Medication management

+ Coordinate and communicate across providers

+ Take bulk actions across patients


View real-time revenue projections by care program and organization.



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