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Learn how our full-suite of Managed Services support our clients at every stage of their remote care program lifecycle. From patient identification to remote patient onboarding, we have the programmatic and clinical expertise to help you build and sustain successful programs. 

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A Full-Suite of Managed Services to Build and Sustain Remote Care Programs that Thrive

With Optimize Health's Managed Services, healthcare organizations and practices of any size can build best-in-class remote care programs that drives patient adherence and continued program growth. 

Our services include: patient identification, eligibility verification, clinical monitoring services, remote patient onboarding and education, and device shipping solutions.  

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In Remote Care Environments, Success Matters.

When you partner with Optimize Health, you create opportunities to deliver personalized care outside of office visits. Our Managed Services provide a full-service solution to support our clients across programs.

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Patient Identification

  • We help identify patients who would be good candidates for RPM
  • Call patients to educate them about RPM 
  • Schedule the patient for onboarding 

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Eligibility Verification

  • Identify the commercial insurances that cover RPM services for patients
  • OH checks patients based on patient list; data secured in HIPAA-secure tool
  • Allows practices to diversify payor mix and extend value of RPM to all patients 

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Patient Onboarding

  • Full-service option available remote or in-person
  • Continually and easily add patients to your RPM program
  • Maximizes patient adoption and first-call consent conversion 
  • Patient-centered experience that focuses on clinical value

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Clinical Monitoring Services

  • Dedicated licensed nurses (LNs) who have the clinical expertise to prevent false escalations
  • Increases patient adherence and improves patient outcomes
  • Just-in-time staffing model supports growth without overhead costs
  • Generate higher monthly recurring revenue

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Device Shipping

  • Customizable options to get patients activated and onboarded
  • Convenient at-home device delivery for patients 
  • Secure shipping and tracking 
  • Available for all devices

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Monthly Business Reviews

  • Dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM) to support RPM program growth
  • 1:1 monthly meetings to review past results and additional opportunities
  • Early/exclusive access to pilot new platform solutions, services, and features 

Universal Excellence, Tailored to Your Needs

Our Managed Services help you easily activate and sustain your remote care program with our leading patient engagement and adherence solutions.


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