The Best Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Platform Just Got Even Better

Our remote patient monitoring solution delivers better outcomes, greater patient engagement, and more revenue per customer.

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“I have seen increased patient engagement since using Optimize Health’s remote care platform. The ability to easily reach out to patients and their friends and family is incredibly helpful.”

Dr. Aamir Iqbal, M.D., AFP Health

Better Outcomes, Faster.

Bringing Data to Life

Vitals dashboard surfaces the most important information first.

+ New timestamp line demarcates new readings notifications

+ Readings dual-classified by color and shape for quick prioritization

+ Readings automatically averaged with minimum and maximum thresholds

+ Patient encounters and more

RPM-Bringing Data to Life


RPM-A Single View


A Single View Across Your Entire Patient Roster

Customized views by:

+ New reading

+ Critical readings

+ Optimize Health ID

+ Adherence

and hundreds more configurations.

The Right Care at the Right Time

Clinical Workflows that guide you to the next best action, every time.

RPM-The Right Care at the Right Time


Track Each Patient’s Progress

Personalize each patient's treatment goals and care plans.

Configure patient thresholds by:

+ Critical

+ Abnormal

+ Target Goal 

RPM-BG-Track Each Patient’s-Screenshot


RPM-Global Search


Global Search: Find the Right Patient, Every Time

Search millions of data points at once, so you always find the right patient.

Search By:

+ Name

+ Date of Birth

+ EHR ID or Optimize Health ID

+ Phone number, email, or address

+ Friends, Family, Caregivers

And many more.

A True Patient Engagement Engine

All RPM programs require two-way communication-our in-platform tools make staying connected easy.

+ Always-On side panel centralizes calling and texting in one place

+ Activate patients’ entire support network via Friends, Families, and Caregivers

+ Enhanced calling features

+ Call outcome tracking

+ Call history, notes, and contact preferences

Enhanced texting capabilities

+ Messaging templates

+ Real-time notifications

+ Smart textbox with spell check

+ Notifications that show someone else is typing
RPM-BG-A True Patient Engagement Engine-Screenshots




Seamlessly add patients’ care network to communications

Centralized call history, notes, and contact preferences.

Customize outbound phone numbers to maximize first-call connection

Additional call outcomes tracking and options.



Greater Revenue Results

“I looked at three companies and what our costs would be, and our net profit was significantly higher with Optimize Health.”

Kimberly Novak, Practice Manager at Kentucky Cardiology

RPM-Total Revenue and Program


Total Revenue and Program Potential in One View

Billing Dashboard displays patient billability and expected revenue so you're not left guessing.

+ Measure program health against total revenue potential

+ Revenue calculated based on total patients enrolled and billing eligibility

+ View patient adherence by CPT code 

We’re on a mission to help healthcare professionals improve population health, create excellent care experiences, and reduce costs.

Expand your approach to patient care.


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