RPM Models That Work: Customizing a Remote Patient Monitoring Program That Meets Your Practice's Needs

As more and more healthcare providers launch and expand Remote Patient Monitoring programs, many practice leaders find themselves trying to determine how to fit remote monitoring into their everyday practice. If you’re among them, you’re likely asking yourself questions like, “What does an effective RPM workflow look like?”, “Do I have the staffing resources to be able to manage a successful program?”, and “Can I afford to bring on more staff?”

To help you find answers to those questions, Optimize Health SVP of Operations, Neha Ajmera, and VP of Customer Success, Ryan Clark, hosted a webinar on the RPM models they’ve seen prove to be the most clinically and financially effective, and what it is about those programs that have made them so successful. 

By watching this 1-hr recorded presentation, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of:

  • How to align your staff for RPM success, including expectations, roles, and responsibilities
  • How to estimate monitoring time and resources based on your eligible patient population
  • The pros and cons of outsourced monitoring
  • Examples of successful clinical remote monitoring models (including self-managed and outsourced)
  • Best practices for working with an outsourced monitoring partner

Wherever you are on your RPM journey, this presentation will give you the information you need to help you determine how to structure your program for success. 

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View the Recorded Presentation

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Meet the Presenters


Neha Ajmera Optimize Health

Neha Ajmera


In her role as SVP of Operations, Neha works to expand the capabilities of Optimize Health’s software platform through clinically and financially powerful tech-enabled service offerings. This includes leading the team of RNs that make up the backbone of Optimize Health’s Remote Clinical Monitoring Services team.

Ryan Clark Optimize Health

Ryan Clark


As the leader of Optimize Health’s Customer Success team, Ryan ensures that the healthcare providers utilizing Optimize Health’s RPM solution have the expertise, guidance, and support they need to manage and scale successful remote monitoring programs.