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Clinical Monitoring Services

Don’t settle for any monitoring service—learn how our registered-nurse (RN)-led monitoring service saves you time, increases patient engagement, and delivers a better patient experience.

The Easiest-to-Use RPM Software Meets the Most Clinically-Driven Monitoring Service

Healthcare organizations or practices of any size can build a best-in-class RPM program with the easiest-to-use software and most clinically-driven monitoring service solution available.

Featuring registered nurses (RNs) who can identify and investigate patterns, increase patient adherence, and present clinically-sound solutions, our service can:

  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Prevent false escalations
  • Prioritize your time for patient visits
  • Provide a patient-centered experience

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Administrative Burden

  • Dedicated RNs who can work independently, present solutions, and maximize the efficiency of physician involvement
  • Identify anomalies from readings to reduce readmissions
  • RNs can also help to prevent false escalation, further reducing administrative burden
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Greater Patient

  • Opportunity for greater patient adherence 
  • Potential for higher monthly recurring revenue
  • Better engagement can lead to improved patient outcomes
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  • Advantageous just-in-time staffing that easily grows without hiring and training costs
  • Expand the number of patients and conditions treated without additional staff
  • Grow your practice without additional overhead costs

Universal Excellence, Tailored to Your Needs

Our team will work with you to create customized workflows based on your practice and patient needs.

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