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Remote Patient Monitoring, Made Easy

We make it easy for practices to provide better care and get reimbursed $300k per physician per year. New in 2019.

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Why You Should Consider Starting A Remote Patient Monitoring Program

CMS approved new CPT codes for Remote Patient Monitoring that became active in 2019.  Innovative practices can provide innovative remote care services while generating $122/patient/month.

Running a Remote Patient Monitoring program couldn't be any easier

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Easy to Use for 
Patients and Providers

Our workflows are seamless...setting up patients takes only 2-3 minutes.  We invest in our design so our software can be used by anybody, regardless of education, age or technical ability. It just works.



High Quality,
Easy-to-Use Devices

Our remote patient monitoring devices are selected based on quality and affordability. We ensure that all devices meet the requirements of being reimbursable by Medicare. 

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Work with Experts, Get Amazing Service

In addition to our software we provide affordable (sometimes free) training and program management services. When we help train your team our experts will create a kickoff plan that is tailored to your practice, covering clinical, technical and coding needs. Later, you can call our customer support team any time or access a library of support materials, videos and other help docs.



Designed for Doctors
and Their Teams

We guarantee that our software will help you save time and build stronger relationships with your patients. Our pricing model guarantees profitability starting in the first month. 

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Capture More Revenue, Ensure Compliance

Our system makes it easy to bill. Simply export a .CSV file at the end of each month that can be sent to your billing team. EHR integrations are available in some cases.

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Advanced Patient Engagement and Communication Tools

We provide advanced communication tools that make it easy to capture reimbursable communications. Automated messaging ensures readings get taken as planned.

Easy-to-Use Devices for Everyone

Available devices include wireless blood pressure cuffs, scales, pulse oximeters, blood glucose meters, medication monitoring devices and more. We offer high-quality and affordable Bluetooth and cellular-based devices not available on other platforms. Cellular-based devices can be provided to patient  and "just work" without any need to connect to in-home WiFi or to sync to a smartphone. Because they are easy-to-use, our devices have exceptionally high utilization and retention rates, which leads to successful programs.


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Between 2006 and 2009, Medicare saved $670 million and avoided 20,500 readmissions by discharging chronic patients to home health services instead of traditional post-acute care models... You can't argue with those outcomes.

Christina Wild
Population Health Advisor, The Advisory Board

Made by Talented People Who Care

We built because we wanted to enable providers and patients to have better experiences and better health outcomes. We do this by combining modern design principles with the latest technologies and excellent customer support, with the goal of making things as seamless as possible for both patients and their care teams.

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