We're Pleased to Introduce Your New Remote Care Platform.

Welcome to the next generation of remote care technology, only with Optimize Health. 

"I love how I can customize patient thresholds, and easily see critical readings." 

- Dr. Aamir Iqbal, AFP Health



A whole new way to deliver remote care.

Built with you and your patients in mind, our new remote care platform allows you to provide remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, and other remote care programs in a single solution.

Our new remote care platform gives you all the same functionality, as well as brand new capabilities, including: 

One platform, any care, and only with Optimize Health.



I like how patient readings are automatically averaged, and that I can see critical readings first – it’s all been really good."

Dr. Aamir Iqbal, AFP Health



The new platform helps me get to the information I care about faster. It's been very helpful to me."

Kristyn Burroughs, Corvallis Family Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do I need to have?

The platform performs best in Google Chrome, so please use Chrome as your default browser when working in the platform. In addition, you will also need access to a secure wifi connection (wireless internet), as well as a minimum screen size of 1440 x 1024. If your screen is too small, be sure to zoom out so you can see the entirety of the screen.

Will I be able to use or access the legacy platform?

Your organization’s instance on the previous platform will no longer be actively available for RPM monitoring and patient care.  However, you will be able to access your historical organizational and patient data. 

What information will my patients have access to, and how can I share it with them?

Currently, patients will not have access to the platform.

Can I add new patients and monitor new conditions on the new platform?

Absolutely–you can use the new platform to grow your program and we have added a number of new features to make it easier than ever to add patients.

When will the new platform be publicly announced?

We will officially announce Optimize Health’s new remote care platform on January 10, 2023. 

Will this change my pricing?

No, no changes will be made to pricing when you move over to the new platform.

Who can I reach out to with additional questions?

Please contact success@optimize.health  with additional questions.