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Expanding Remote Patient Monitoring Services in Los Angeles County

The Los Angeles County Medical Association (LACMA) has partnered with Optimize Health to provide a comprehensive RPM solution to LACMA's 7,000+ members and their patients. 

As the exclusive Remote Patient Monitoring partner to LACMA, we're committed to ensuring that every eligible provider in Los Angeles County has access to a comprehensive and effective solution for delivering remote patient monitoring at a time when these services are most critical. Our easy-to-use system is designed to facilitate improved clinical outcomes and to be highly profitable with minimal upfront risk.

LACMA members who sign up for Optimize Health will receive 1-2 days of initial RPM remote training for their staff for free ($2500-$5000 value).  Members with at least 30 monthly active patients will also have their ongoing monthly support fees (up to $500/mo.) waved throughout 2021.

This means there is no better time to chat with one of our RPM experts to learn more about remote patient monitoring and to see if our RPM solution is the right fit for you and your patients. So get in touch with us and learn how Optimize Health can help you expand your approach to patient care.

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Since 1871, the Los Angeles Count Medical Association (LACMA) has been at the forefront of medicine in L.A. County, working to ensure its members are able to overcome the healthcare challenges of today and the healthcare delivery problems of tomorrow. Through their advocacy efforts in both Los Angeles County and with the statewide California Medical Association (CMA), their physician leaders and staff strive toward a common vision—that you might spend more time treating your patients and less time navigating the obstacles that threaten your autonomy and undermine your practice of medicine.

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17-High Quality Equipment and Devices

High Quality Equipment and Devices

In order to reach your patients effectively, you'll need a platform that accommodates patients with a range of conditions and technology habits. Optimize Health partners with top connected device companies to offer high-performing products that work well in outpatient practices. As a device-agnostic platform, we are not conflicted to sell a specific device and will recommend what works best based upon our extensive experience.

Devices can be ordered conveniently through a private online store or delivered directly to patients. We work with a range of third-party device companies, buying the equipment at wholesale and passing the savings along to you. We also offer unique, cellular-based devices that require zero setup by the patient, and just work out the box, without any complicated WiFi or Bluetooth setup.

Easy-to-Use Software

Once somebody receives a device, our software receives and interprets the data that is being transmitted, flagging patients in real-time based on their risk level.

Armed with this valuable data, members of the care team can reach out to the right person at the right time, with powerful communication tools that are built directly into our platform. A major benefit of this level of integration is that the software automatically tracks staff usage and assigns qualifying time spent to new CPT codes with zero administrative work. This saves clinical teams hours of time and enables them to focus on their patients while maximizing revenue and protecting the practice in case of an audit by Medicare.

"A CHF patient was not admitted to the hospital because the clinic noted a 7lb weight gain from her remote scale. The patient was then able to be treated quickly as an outpatient." - Registered Nurse, RPM Lead
18-Designed for Outpatient Care

Designed For Outpatient Care

The Optimize Health platform was designed specifically to address the needs of outpatient care, and includes the following:

  • Patient Risk Stratification
  • Built-In Communication Tools
  • Team Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Automatic Time Tracking
  • RPM Reimbursement Engine
  • Audit Production
  • Staff Benchmarking
  • Data-Sharing Between Organizations
  • Online Equipment Store
  • Multilingual Patient Support Materials
  • Clinical Call Center
  • Local-Delivery
  • Mail-Order Delivery
  • Onsite Training
  • Monthly Business Reviews
  • Low-Risk Business Model
  • Equipment Financing Options
19-Chronic Conditions that We Address

Chronic Conditions that We Address

We are able to help patients and providers alike manage the most common chronic conditions, including:

  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes: Blood Glucose
  • Hypertension: Blood Pressure
  • Heart Failure: Weight, Blood Pressure, Medications
  • COPD: Pulse Oximetry
  • Obesity: Weight
  • Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse: Medication Adherence and Behavioral Health Surveys

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