Hospitals and Health Systems

With support for over 10 major Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, the optimize.health platform is Health System-ready.

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14-Improve Health Outcomes

Improve Clinical Outcomes, At Scale

We enable remote care teams to coach and communicate patients on a regular basis. while monitoring and coaching patients on the management of important vitals and medication adherence. No remote care team in place? Leverage one of our remote call center partners to provide care remotely and notify your team only when it's medically necessary.

15-Ease of Use, and Delivery and Support Services

Health System-Ready

Our software includes tools to share data between multiples teams and locations, track eligible time among different types of staff members, and benchmark performance among members of the care team. With existing integrations in place, data can be synced to over 15 different Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in a matter of weeks.

"Two patients with very high blood pressures were able to be treated quickly at home and did not have to be readmitted to the hospital because of the remote BP monitor". -Registered Nurse, RPM Lead
16-Growth and Financial Stability

Growth and Financial Stability

The coverage of Remote Patient Monitoring by Medicare and private insurance not only benefits your patients, but also contributes to your bottom line. Health systems and hospitals are increasingly seeking to utilize RPM as a differentiator to enhances patient loyalty and engagement.

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Our experts will teach you how to create a successful Remote Patient Monitoring program (including the details of the CPT codes)

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