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How many RPM (CPT®) codes are there?

There are 5 CPT codes for remote patient monitoring - 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, and 99091.

There are 5 RPM CPT® Codes.  At a high-level:

  • CPT® Code 99453:  Reimburses for patient set-up.  Can be billed once per episode of care.   
  • CPT® Code 99454:  Covers the transmission of data from the device. Can be billed every 30 days provided the patient has taken 16 days of readings.
  • CPT® Code 99457:  Covers clinical staff time for monitoring the data and engaging with patients. Requires 20 minutes of time and one, live, 2-way call with the patient each month.  Can be billed monthly.
  • CPT® Code 99458:  Reimburses for additional 20-minute increments of clinician time.  Can be billed in conjunction with 99457 monthly.
  • CPT® Code 99091:  Covers the same activities as 99457 but is reserved for physicians and QHCPs only.  Reimburses at a higher rate than 99457 but requires 30 minutes of monitoring and can be billed monthly.