Group Practices and ACOs

Work with the outpatient-focused Remote Patient Monitoring platform that scales. With over 10 EHR integrations and inter-organization collaboration tools, optimize.health is the perfect fit for large group practices and ACOs.

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11-Improve Daily Operations

Improve Daily Operations

If you work in a large practice you need tools and support that will help you scale. The optimize.health platform is designed to work across multiple locations and coordinate care across organizations, enabling organizations to achieve success at scale.

12-Better Care Coordination

Care Coordination Tools

Our software includes tools to share data between multiple teams and locations, track eligible time among different types of staff members, and benchmark performance among members of the care team. With existing integrations in place, data can be synced to over 10 different Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in a matter of weeks.

"Patients feel taken care of when we call to check on them. Many are pleasantly surprised to know that we are keeping an eye on their readings." - Medical Assistant
13-Help Increase Practice Profitability

Help Increase Practice Profitability

Our solution helps you tangibly demonstrate your value to your practice. Our solution helps you show shared savings across practices and simplify reimbursement.

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Our experts will teach you how to create a successful Remote Patient Monitoring program (including the details of the CPT codes)

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