Healthcare workers are heroes.

Powering the Fight Against COVID-19

Healthcare workers are heroes. Our easy-to-use COVID-19 screening tool and Remote Patient Monitoring/Patient Engagement platform enables healthcare workers to extend their capacity, remotely and safely.

Digital COVID-19 Screening Tools
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Simple COVID-19 Screening

Don't have enough hours in the day to answer calls? Send a simple, automated COVID-19 screening survey to your patients over text message (no app required). Use the survey results to prioritize which patients need the most urgent help, or send them directly to a drive-through testing facility.



Remote Patient Monitoring and Patient Engagement Platform

Early findings have shown that the people who are at highest risk of mortality or serious health complications as a result of COVID-19 are the elderly and/or people with chronic conditions. The Remote Patient Monitoring platform enables your team to monitor these patients and engage with them, even when they are in their own homes.
  • Cellular-based equipment can be used by people of any age (no app required)
  • Reimbursable by Medicare and many private payers, with no hard caps on time
  • Majority of reimbursement and compliance is automated so your staff can spend their time focusing on patient care
  • Two-way communication tools
  • Enables you to help your patients while protecting your staff


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