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Clinical Call Center and Delivery Services

Prefer to let somebody else do most of the work? Not a problem. We can handle every aspect of RPM, from patient setup to clinical monitoring. 

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22-Onboarding and Monitoring

Clinical Call Center Monitoring and Onboarding Services

Our clinical call center can assist with patient onboarding and monitoring, taking over all of the most time-consuming tasks at an affordable cost. Scale quickly with over 100 RNs and clinical staff ready to serve your needs, while paying only for the time you use. Use of these external resources can help programs scale quickly without requiring an upfront investment in additional staff.

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Home Delivery

Unable to setup patients in the clinic? Remote patient monitoring equipment that can be delivered directly to a patient's home.

"Our Client Success Manager kept us on course for success, from understanding the billing and providing tips on maintaining high levels of engagement. Without her we may have been lost."

- Practice Manager

24-In-Home Equipment Setup

In-Home Equipment Setup Workflow

Our software facilitates installation of equipment directly in a patient's home. In many areas, existing installation partners can deploy equipment to your patients on behalf of your practice.

Free Consultation

Our experts will teach you how to create a successful Remote Patient Monitoring program (including the details of the CPT codes)

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