New Integration With athenahealth

Deliver proactive, continuous care with near real-time data. Easily see how your patients are managing their blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, and more.

Schedule a demo to see how our new integration with athenahealth makes your patient data more actionable in our remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform.

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How the Integration Works

Athena Health 1Create and sign a patient order for RPM within athenahealth

Athena Health 2Patient is synced into Optimize Health RPM platform

Athena Health 3Patient is set up with a device


Athena Health 4Patient vital readings are synced back into athenahealth


What makes our integration with athenahealth different?

Our integration uses a bidirectional sync with discrete data, so your data is sent to and from both systems. Data is exactly where you need it to be, and nowhere that you don’t.

Bi-Directional Sync

  • Data is sent from athenahealth into Optimize Health and from Optimize Health into athenahealth
  • No updates or maintenance required

Discrete Data Matching

  • Patient data is automatically synced into the right fields, eliminating manual data entry required in other integrations
  • Every data point has a set origin point and destination – no more data entry needed
  • Patient vitals are sent to the right destination - (blood glucose goes into “Results”; blood pressure, weight, etc. goes into “Vitals”)

Up-To-The-Minute Data

  • Near real time sync
  • Trusted data at your fingertips
  • No waiting for nightly syncs


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